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Osama bin Laden’s Sexy Mistress

Sexy Kola Boof, the Egyptian-Sudanese-American author and poet was the claimed former mistress of Osama bin Laden. While claiming that she was never a sex slave like a story that is circulating that bin Laden also kept a Pakistani women as a sex slave, Kola Boof does admit to a sexual relationship with the former […]

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Osama bin Laden P0rn Addiction?

Osama bin Laden may not have approved of his niece, Wafah Dufour, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have a porn addiction of his own. Read more about the Osama bin Laden porn addiction below. Osama bin Laden’s niece, Wafah Dufour was shunned by her famous uncle for her risque modeling and Western ways. He […]


Hot Veiless Babes! Osama bin Laden’s Sexy Niece?

Wafah Dufour couldn’t be more upset at her close relative Osama bin Laden. The 35 year old beauty changed her last name from bin Laden after her relative made a famous name for himself with the 9/11 attacks which completely horrified the Los Angeles born Wafah who holds a degree in law and lists her […]

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60 MINUTES Features Exclusive Presidential Interview On bin Laden Raid Events

60 MINUTES is looking for another ratings home-run this weekend with an exclusive interview with the president on the events surrounding the successful Navy Seals mission to kill top terrorist leader Osama bin Laden. Last week, CBS drew heavy interest with an exclusive interview with Lara Logan explaining her brutal mob beating and sexual assault. […]

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TIME Magazine Crosses-Out Osama bin Laden

In carrying out a tradition started since the death of Adolf Hitler in WII, TIME Magazine’s new cover will feature a crossed-out picture of al Qaeda terrorist founder Osama bin Laden. Other TIME Magazine covers over the years featured Saddam Hussein as well as Iraq’s leader of al Qaeda who was killed by American forces. […]

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