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Who’s Really To Blame For Michele Bachmann’s Ill-Advised Appearance On Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Talk Show?

Jimmy Fallon returned to NBC and took over from Conan O’Brien after O’Brien left the network in a huff because of his hurt pride after his TONIGHT SHOW ratings tanked. Jimmy Fallon has done a remarkably good job since taking over, recreating a show that’s uniquely his own and very quirky. In the spirit of […]


Michelle Bachmann Steamed About Jimmy Fallon Interview Music Selection

Michelle Bachmann is a little bit steamed about her interview last week over on the Jimmy Fallon show, although her handlers should have realized that it was probably to have a few jokes at her expense. But, what really has her steamed is The Roots band chose to use the R&B song by Fishbone,”Lyin’ Ass […]

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