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Dr. Conrad Murray On Suicide Watch In Jail

Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s personal physician who was recently convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of the King Of Pop. is telling visitors in jail that he’s lost the will to live and feels suicidal. He’s currently in a medical ward at the Los Angeles County Jail because he’s on suicide watch because […]

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Better Dead Than Alive: Michael Jackson Estate Rakes In The Big Dough

In his final years, Michael Jackson only managed to run himself into huge debt, at one point running more than $400 million in the red. His lavish spending as well as legal problems, as well as poor money management skills only helped to turn him into the king of debt. Then he turned that all […]

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Michael Jackson: Hold My Hand (Video, Lyrics)

Michael Jackson has been a source of income for the people around him all his life. Now, in death, not much has changed. The Michael Jackson ‘Hold My Hand’ video is the first release of a new album in collaboration with Akon. You can watch the video and read the lyrics below. According to representatives […]

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