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Matthew Fox Assault: Countersues Female Bus Driver Heather Bormann Who Accused Him of Attack

Last August bus driver Heather Bormann accused LOST actor Matthew Fox of assault. It seems he was a little sh*t faced and tried to get on a bus and he wasn’t on the private passenger list. Anyway, when Heather Bormann told him he couldn’t get on the bus a confrontation ensued. Prosecutors declined to prosecute […]

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Lost Star Won’t Be Prosecuted For Punching Female Bus Driver

Former LOST star, Matthew Fox, won’t be prosecuted for a drunken incident in which he punched a female party bus driver in both the breasts and crotch area. It’s certainly not understandable for anyone to hit a woman, let alone punching her in her sexual areas for some crazy reason. Yet, this is what Fox […]

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Matthew Fox Accused of Assault: Did He Hit a Woman Bus Driver?

Lost actor Matthew Fox has been accused of assault after an incident in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday night. He is accused of hitting a woman bus driver when she attempted to prevent him from getting onto the bus. The incident happened outside a bar in Cleveland. Apparently, Fox tried to get onto a party bus […]

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