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Who’s Really To Blame For Michele Bachmann’s Ill-Advised Appearance On Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Talk Show?

Jimmy Fallon returned to NBC and took over from Conan O’Brien after O’Brien left the network in a huff because of his hurt pride after his TONIGHT SHOW ratings tanked. Jimmy Fallon has done a remarkably good job since taking over, recreating a show that’s uniquely his own and very quirky. In the spirit of […]


Michelle Bachmann Steamed About Jimmy Fallon Interview Music Selection

Michelle Bachmann is a little bit steamed about her interview last week over on the Jimmy Fallon show, although her handlers should have realized that it was probably to have a few jokes at her expense. But, what really has her steamed is The Roots band chose to use the R&B song by Fishbone,”Lyin’ Ass […]

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Jimmy Fallon and Eddie Vedder Sing ‘Balls in Your Mouth’ (Video)

Just in case you missed it on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night, we have the video of Jimmy Fallon and Eddie Vedder singing ‘Balls in Your Mouth’. It is, after all, a MUST SEE or hear. Really, its pretty catchy. Its a protest song. Enjoy listening to the video below.   Jimmy Fallon […]

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Jennifer Garner Promotes Arthur on Letterman and Jimmy Fallon (Photos, Videos)

Jennifer Garner has been making the rounds on late night shows to promote Arthur. She’s been on David Letterman and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. She’s talked Russell Brand crotch shots and played beer pong. Check out the photos and videos below. Jennifer Garner has stepped out of her motherhood role and back into glam, […]

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