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Updated Story: SLATE Parody Claimed More Japan Disaster Jokes From Gilbert Gottfried

Updated Story: I guess the joke is on Wizbang Pop and just about everyone else here. Gilbert Gottfried’s wife Dara and his representative both emailed me to inform me that three jokes that turned up on a Google search of the 12 original Japan inspired jokes attributed to Gilbert Gottfried were not really his own, […]


Lady Gaga: ‘We Pray For Japan’ Prayer Bracelet

Lady Gaga is pitching in to help the victims of the devastation caused by the 9.1 magnitude earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on Friday. She has designed a ‘We Pray For Japan’ prayer bracelet and is urging her fans to buy them. Lady Gaga has designed and is urging her fans to buy a […]

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Breaking News: Japan Nuke Plant Explosion (Video)

There has been an explosion at Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Plant, also known as Fukushima Daiichi. That nuke plant as well as others were damaged in the enormous 9.1 magnitude earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on Friday. The video below shows a white vapor rising from the plant. Every since the hugh earthquake hit Japan […]