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Big Time Sissyass Stuff: Westboro Baptist Church Tweets IPhone Threat To Picket Funeral Of Steve Jobs

Never an organization to avoid shy away from taking the absolute cowardly route, Marge J. Phelps of The Westboro Baptist Church has used an IPhone to Tweet plans the church has to picket the funeral of the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. The church claims that Jobs is guilty of “Teaching his neighbors sinning”. All […]

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Auto Correct Nightmares: Damn You Auto Correct!

Have you seen this website? Its all about auto correct nightmares. You know, when your texting someone and your iPhone or Android fills in the blanks for you. If you don’t check before you hit send then anything can happen. Check out their top 15 auto correct texts of all time. It’ll make you feel […]

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