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Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Compares Mike Huckabee To A Bible Thumping Child Molester

Speaking with Details magazine, Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong dishes on his politics and slams Fox New contributor and former Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin. DETAILS: Over the past few years, the band’s political messages have become increasingly amplified. Is there a risk to that? Billie Joe Armstrong: It dawned on […]


Cd Review: Green Day AWESOME AS F**K

Recorded during their concert tour to celebrate the success of their 21st CENTURY BREAKDOWN album, Green Day’s new album debuts on March 22. It includes live versions of many of the songs from the album recorded in the U.S., England, Canada, Austria, Japan and Ireland. In addition to the Cd, a DVD of a live […]

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