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Charlie Harper 1965-2011 – Charlie Sheen’s Character Dies

R.I.P. Charlie Harper, you’re going to that big skirt chasing harem in the sky to run after those angels. It seems that producer Chuck Lorre is just so sick of you, Charlie Sheen, that now he’s killing off your character in TWO AND A HALF MEN, ending any chance that you’re ever ever ever coming […]


John Stamos And Rob Lowe Reject Replacing Charlie Sheen On TWO AND A HALF MEN

Although he wasn’t formally offered the role, John Stamos has reportedly made some public comments that he really isn’t interested in replacing Charlie Sheen on TWO AND A HALF MEN. Charlie Sheen was critical of Stamos just last week, but then the two mended their frayed relations somewhat with each offering kinder words. John Stamos […]

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