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The Meltdown, The Devastation, The Charlie Sheen

The latest on Charlie Sheen’s troubled life is that he missed out his son’s birthday because his ex, Brooke Mueller didn’t invite him to the party held at the home of Paris Hilton’s parents. About 50 people attended this party, but not Charlie Sheen. And in a new “stealth” video, Sheen is seen wearing camouflage […]

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Charlie Sheen Meltdown Update: Charlie Sheen Sells Rant Tour Tickets In 18 Minutes Flat

Incredible as it may seem, embattled actor Charlie Sheen has actually sold out tickets to some of vague anti-TWO AND A HALF MEN firing rant show in Chicago and Detroit in just 18 minutes. The actor claims that $1 million will be donated to the Japan earthquake relief effort. The events are disturbingly entitled “My […]

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Charlie Sheen Meltdown Update: Sheen’s Contract Dispute And New Feud With Jon Cryer

Embattled actor Charlie Sheen is now claiming that he has a “Michael J. Fox clause” in his TWO AND A HALF MEN contract with Warner Bros. , where they have to pay him his nearly $2 million an episode salary regardless of whether he appears in the show or not. Warner Bros. claims just the […]

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