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CBS Cancels High Rated New Comedy

CBS surprisingly canceled the highly rated, but critically lambasted, HOW TO BE A GENTLEMAN, and is replacing this dreadful and unfunny comedy with the far better RULES OF ENGAGEMENT with David Spade instead on Thursdays at 8:30pm. HOW TO A GENTLEMAN had a top peak rating of 9 million viewers, but was not seen as […]


The Good Wife Season Premiere: Good Gets Better

Season three’s Good Wife is not only good, but happy. Okay, so she may be the naughty wife now, but it’s soon to be ex-wife, so we’ll look past it. And as aforementioned, Alicia is happy – which is made extremely obvious in the first scene, as she exits the elevator at Lockhart Gardner absolutely […]

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CBS Orders Two More Seasons Of ‘Survivor’

CBS has ordered two more seasons of ‘Survivor’ that will be broadcast next season. That will be the 23rd and 24th seasons of the father of reality shows. In addition, Jeff Probst will continue to host the show as he has done since it premiered in 2000. Survivor has continued to be successful in spite […]

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CBS Takes First Steps Towards Canceling MEDIUM

CBS has cut short the orders for new episodes of MEDIUM which probably means the show is being readied for upcoming cancellation. NUMB3RS faced the same situation last year with order cutbacks and eventual cancellation. CBS has ordered just 13 episodes of the show it once acquired from NBC after that network cut the series. […]