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The World Ends Early, Ashton Kutcher Quits Twitter

We didn’t think the world would end until 2012, but unfortunately it has already ended: Ashton Kutcher quit Twitter. I’m sure most of us never thought we would see the day, but alas here it is. Although the celeb has millions of followers who support him, 8.2 million to be exact, I think this impulsive […]

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Castle 2011 Premiere Comes Out Strong with Great Ratings

Castle hit its 2011 premiere running strong, which was good news for all of us brown coats hoping Nathan Fillion has finally found a long term show that won’t be preemptively canceled. And if the rating have anything to say about it (we can only hope they do) Castle will be around for a while. […]

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Criminal Minds Season Seven Premiere

Season seven of Criminal Minds was a roller coaster ride, introducing new hooks and an interesting turn of events. The show opens with the group being interviewed by a Senate Judiciary Committee for a last-minute case that left six people dead, including two FBI Agents. The trial unfolds with each member of the team explaining […]

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