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The Good Wife Season Premiere: Good Gets Better

Season three’s Good Wife is not only good, but happy. Okay, so she may be the naughty wife now, but it’s soon to be ex-wife, so we’ll look past it. And as aforementioned, Alicia is happy – which is made extremely obvious in the first scene, as she exits the elevator at Lockhart Gardner absolutely […]

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Maria Bello Dominates the Series Premiere of Prime Suspect

This is one of those shows that I knew was either going to be really good or really bad. I’ll be honest – I was worried. After the premiere, I believe it has some potential and I’m hoping it continues to build up. Based off of a successful British series, starring Helen Mirren, “Prime Suspect” […]

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The Office Season Premiere Sans Michael Scott

Consider yourself warned: this post has spoilers for the new episode of The Office!   I miss Michael Scott. The show just isn’t right without him. The season eight premiere last night was the first without Steve Carell and they are attempting to fill in for him, but it’s not working. Andy Bernard is great, […]


Parenthood: Families are About Love and Awkwardness

After an exciting season premiere last week, I found this “Parenthood” a bit slower in comparison. However, there were some good moments and you know it’s all building up for next week’s episode, which looks like it will be an eventful one. Let’s look back at the top four scenes from the episode NBC decided […]

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Parenthood Season Premiere: Bad Hair and Buying Babies

NBC’s “Parenthood” returned for the season three premiere on Tuesday and, as much as I enjoyed the show, let me just start by asking this: Haddie (Sarah Ramos) and Amber (Mae Whitman), what did you do to your hair? Did they take all mirrors away from you over the summer? At least Amber’s cut semi-fits […]

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