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Charlie Sheen Partied So Hard He Got A Hernia!

TMZ is reporting that Charlie Sheen, in the midst of another epic, multi-porn star partython, was taken by ambulance to the hospital after a frantic 911 call. Sheen apparently suffered a hiatal hernia. Soundly like he screwed himself silly…

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File This Under Hardcore

The good folks over at Biker’s Den, a top rated motorcycle gear Web business are offering for sale some men’s leather biker motorcycle vests with concealed gun compartments. The Web business also has some other style concealed gun vests and men’s wear, some of which allow for easy access to gun holsters. The items are […]

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Why Children Should Stick To Mama’s Milk

File this under big time sissyass stuff. Nine freshman college students at Central Washington University had to be hospitalized after drinking some Four Loco beer at an underage drinking party. The kids thought they were poisoned, when in fact Four Loco is just some strong shelf beer with added energy boost ingredients. Hey, underaged drinking […]

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More Problems For Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen had to be hospitalized due to a claimed allergic reaction to some medicine according to his official press. However, TMZ reports that alcohol might have been a factor as well, claiming that Sheen went on a huge drinking binge and then trashed his NYC hotel room, leading to his hospitalization. Regardless, the problems […]

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The Raw Brute Horsepower Of Predator Carburetors

Although they have existed since the 1980’s, Predator carburetors continue to find an audience of high performance fans, with many followers among monster trucks and circle track racing builders. However, on street rods with blowers or big blocks, these can be a real killer item to install. With a unique square design, the Predator is […]

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The Doors Offer Up A Fresh New Live Cd November 22

Each year around the Christmas season you can count like clockwork on The Doors releasing a great new Cd as a treat for their fans. This year look for LIVE IN VANCOUVER 1970 to be released November 22. The new 2 disc Cd features a unreleased concert with a number of fan favorites including “Light […]

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DVD Review: DEATH KAPPA(2010 Japan)

Run for your lives, those cheap giant rubber monsters from Japan are back. As outrageous as this genre is, where it has become something of an embarrassment to a nation known as one of the most high tech in the world. Yet, there’s something really enjoyable about this simply awful unique Japanese movie franchise. And […]

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CD Reviews: Steve Miller, Robert Plant & Eric Clapton All Make Lukewarm Returns

Under normal conditions, good cds deserve individual reviews. However, not in the case of these real lulewarm new releases by three veteran artists, Steve Miller, Robert Plant and Eric Clapton. I was really delighted to see these new releases, and had real high hopes here. But, all three artists sure knew how to disappoint me […]


Pee Wee Herman Is All Over The Current Bike Magazines

Fresh from his recent highly successful appearance at the 70th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally event, Pee Wee Herman(Paul Reubens) has witnessed something of a big career comeback and finds himself in photos in many current issues of motorcycle magazines. This is surprising because many big name entertainers also were at the event as well, where […]

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FOX News Gives Embattled Juan Williams A New $2 Million Dollar Contract

Juan Williams, the moderate news commentator, has received a new $2 million dollar contract with FOX News after he was unceremoniously fired this week from NPR after he made a remark about Muslims that NPR officials found controversial. For the embattled, but popular journalist, the news of the new contract had to be good news. […]

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Roy Rogers Rode Iron Horses Too!

Cowboy star Roy Rogers wasn’t always loyal to Trigger, his beloved horse companion. Sometimes he rode iron horses, like this cool Indian 4 he owned. Rob Johnson, Roy’s grandson submitted this wonderful old family photo to the official Indian Museum of the beloved cowboy star going for a ride with his daughter, Linda Lou Rogers. […]

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