Back in the 1980s, Tom Byron was one of the most popular male performers due to his youthful appearance, where he easily found work in many films. In fact, Byron claims he was a star in 3,058 films. However, male performers in adult films just never earned as much money as the popular female performers did and apparently Byron wasn’t able to save a great deal of money. Today, at 56 years of age, the retired adult star has to rent a car to drive as an Uber driver. THE GOLDEN AGE APPRECIATION FUNDTom_Byron is part of an effort to raise money to help the retired film star to have his own car to drive to help him in a fundraising effort.

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  • John Felix Koziol

    I wouldn’t give this guy two cents! He obviously doesn’t know how to handle money which shows that he doesn’t have an ounce of brains either! If he did then he wouldn’t be renting a car to be an Uber driver. Instead, he’d get a job which doesn’t require spending so much money to make money. What did he do with the money he made in those 3,058 porn films he made? Sure, the guys don’t make as much as the women do but he did get paid. Getting paid in 3,058 porn films adds up. He should have been banking some of it. I’m not going to give my money to someone who obviously doesn’t know how to handle it!

  • Nathncy

    I am speachless..

  • Everyusernametaken

    How can anyone make any money driving for Uber if they have to rent a car?? How much of his income did he spend on blow?