Since 2010, Warner Bros. and producers have attempted to produce a big screen version of the 1q60’s TV spy drama, THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.  At first, director Brian Soderbergh was tapped, but then, a month later he was out, and replaced with Guy Richie. Then, actor George Clooney was out because of a back injury. Then a name game started to find a quality replacement actor. Tom Cruise was finally tapped, but now claims that he’s out due to scheduling conflict with MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 5, leaving the producers of the film searching for more lead cast members and still awaiting to go into production.

So far, only Armie Hammer appears to still be in place as a top cast member of this long-delayed film project ever sees the light of day. The once popular TV show aired from 1964 to 1968, starring Robert Vaughn and British actor David McCallum as lead actors as television’s answer to the popular James Bond series of the time. GET SMART, also on NBC was a Mel Brooks created comedy send-up of the spy dramas, with goofy gadgets and comic joke set-ups. tom-cruise_1

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