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Factory Five’s Convincing Ford Cobra Replica

Factory Five offers some of the finest kit cars with the highest quality components ever. Their version of the classic Ford Cobra they call the MK4 is an incredible high quality car as good as any Detroit made automobile. And you can order frames or other parts capable of handling 500+ horsepower in this compact […]

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Russian “Jesus” Resurrected Himself Six Times

Russian mystic Grigori Rasputin was a strange religious man, who lived from 1869-1916. In some aspects he was like the Russian Jesus for being a faith healer who healed the sick, and even resurrected himself back to life six times after being murdered five times, and even claimed an appearance of Our Lady Of Kazan(a […]

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Harley Davidson Going Electric?

Of all of the companies to introduce electric vehicles, Harley Davidson now appears to be moving ahead with plans to sell electric motorcycles. Electric vehicles have a lot of torque, are quiet, and are environmentally friendly. – On the negative side, this is Harley Davidson we’re talking about here, and without that familiar “potato-potato” engine […]

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Nanny Left Charges In Hot Car While Tanning

An Oregon City, Oregon area nanny,Kristen Jones, 23, was charged with leaving her charges, a toddler and a month old baby in a hot minivan in 80 degree weather, while she used a local tanning club to touch up her tan. She now faces seven charges related to child neglect, criminal mistreatment and reckless endangerment. […]

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It’s NSFW Friday Roundup!

Here’s a crazy new feature of some of the most absurd and outrageous tidbits that you will want to view at work, but probably shouldn’t. Celebs as well as regular folks who just acted a little crazy, maybe didn’t wear much in the way of clothes, or otherwise made this bucket of silly and funny […]

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Remembering Eli Wallach

Eli Wallach was one of the most versatile and durable character actors of them all. This week he died at the age of 98, leaving behind an awesome catalog of memorable performances and characters that he created in many years of film work. In a film like THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY, Wallach […]

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Funny Caption Contest: ISIS Edition

ISIS, a group so radical that they were kicked out of al Qaeda for being too extreme is sweeping a wave of terror across Iraq and Syria, hoping to create a new terrorist state in parts of these two nations. Known for public executions of captured prisoners and other mayhem as well as setting oil […]


Neighborhood Association Buys Drone For Spy Activity

A bizarre story from Portland, Oregon is a neighborhood association that purchased a drone to spy on a neighborhood business. It seems that the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association has bought itself a great deal of controversy when a drone was purchased to supposedly spy on a neighborhood railroad business to ensure that they were using low […]


Blogger Mom Arrested For Son’s Poisoning

In a very bizarre criminal case, upstate New York mother, Lacey Spears, 26, was arrested for slowly poisoning her 5 year old son to death by feeding him toxic levels of salt to cause him a variety of health problems to gain sympathy for a blog she wrote entitled, “Garnett’s Journey”. Besides this bizarre murder […]

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AMERICAN TOP 40 Great Casey Kasem Dead At 82

Casey Kasem, the man with the legendary radio voice for AMERICAN TOP 40 and other voice work has died. He was a great figure in the world of radio broadcasting, with his own warm and distinctive style that both parents and kids trusted. Of all the song hit countdown shows aired, Casey Kasem’s was the […]

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Funny Caption Contest: Las Vegas Shooters Edition

The events were actually tragic this past week when a troubled drug using couple made news for a wave of gun violence. Yet, it was some of the very strange and disturbing photos and videos of this couple that seemed to make the biggest public impression of these troubled people. So let’s have at it […]


The 1936 Stout Scarab

Depending on your viewpoint, the 1936 Stout Scarab was either very advanced for it’s time, or else one of the very worst car designs of all time. Some claim it was like the first minivan, while others find few redeeming features for the giant cars that were handmade, with no two identical models. Indeed, they […]


Celebrity Skin: Hayley Smith From AMERICAN DAD

Hayley Smith, 19,  is just as popular as other young woman actress out there even if she might only be a work of fiction, a cartoon. But, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have some fans out there who don’t find her to be one sexy mama. In episode, she is listed to be 18, but […]

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Snowden & Government In Plea Deal Discussions

Accused spy, Edward Snowden, who reportedly stole 1.7 million top secret government documents is rumored to be in a discussion with the U.S. government to plead guilty to a lesser crime and return the documents. This plea deal would avoid 10 year prison sentences on each possible crime, where he could possibly face life behind […]

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Bum Wine Taste Test

Think of this like a real cut-rate Consumer Reports-like piece or something, where Wizbang Pop puts the bum wines to the test here. Unlike quality wines which have a excellent grade flavor to savor, the bum wines hope to achieve just one thing, and one thing only, to get you shit faced drunk for a […]