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Did AMC Invent The Donk Car?

The donk car custom car craze has been largely associated as being inspired by the hip hop music scene. However, history seems to indicate the trend of putting larger tires and a jacked up suspension on passenger car might have actually have originated with the controversial appearing 198o AMC Eagle cars which continued in production up through […]

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Alvin Lee’s Great “Keep On Rockin’ ” For Your Enjoyment!

Alvin Lee KEEP ON ROCKIN’  Here’s a great song from the late Guitar Superman Alvin Lee, edited down into a sort of quasi-single form. The longer album version goes on much longer, but this gives a great taste of this fine song by this late and great guitar genius. A very contagious song! Enjoy this one!

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Parody of “Wrecking Ball” Gets 32 Million Hits On YouTube

http://youtu.be/W6DmHGYy_xk Ok, you’ve got to see this one! Steve Kardynal, a mostly unknown comic,  has made himself the latest Internet sensation with 32 million YouTube hits and counting for his disturbingly funny video parody of the smash hit Miley Cyrus song,,”Wrecking Ball”. Steve’s antics in his underwear only get more funny when he goes nude at […]

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New John’s Children Compilation Out Soon!

John’s Children were one of the most outrageous and controversial acts of the psychedelic era and in many ways were a form of protopunk act. The band managed to even upstage The Who with outrageousness on one tour, managing to get themselves fired.  In was in fact Pete Townshend himself that once was quoted as […]

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FAMILY GUY’S Controversial Death Of Bryan

FAMILY GUY did the unthinkable last Sunday in a shocking episode twist in which the popular talking dog, Bryan, was killed off. The fans are in an uproar over this shocking episode and are circulating letters and petitions about this outrageous turn for the series after 15 seasons of Bryan. However, fans just might be […]

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SEINFELD’s Second Spitter Classic Episode

http://youtu.be/tBz3PqA2Fmc SEINFELD had a little fun with all of the conspiracy theories following the Warren Commission Report with this masterful piece of comedy, and even a strange Zapruder film parody. It was sharp writing like this that made SEINFELD one of the greatest TV comedies of all time. Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld were master writers.

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The Great Sidney “Guitar Crusher” Selby

One of the very greatest bluesmen you may have never heard of is Sidney “Guitar Crusher” Selby. The 82 year old bluesman started out his career working in the cotton fields of North Carolina and later as a singer in his local Baptist church. He soon was known as the singer with the “big voice”, […]

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China’s Own Jeep

Chinese automaker BAIC produces a model that is often referred to as the “Chinese Jeep”. The BAIC BJ40 SUV only costs about $21,400 in U.S. dollars, which is cheaper than expected and features a 2.4 liter four cylinder engine that produces 143hp. The durable Chinese SUV is in market most similar to the U.S. produced […]


Alex Reynolds: The Brainy Queen Of Fetish

26 year old graduate student Alex Reynolds is really quite amazing. The beautiful and brainy fetish film actress recently Emailed Wizbang Pop in response to a couple of stories we ran on her good friend Christie Cutie, who is another big rising star on the fetish scene. Alex has been featured in some recent film releases over at […]

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Miley Cyrus Does Sexy Photo Shoot

Miley Cyrus recently did a very sexy photo shoot as a favor for a friend. And, well the results speak for themselvesMmmmmmmmmm!