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Marvel Mystery Oil Turns 90!

Marvel Mystery Oil debuted back in 1923, developed by Burt Pierce, but according to one story, the oil’s name came from a question from someone, asking what kind of oil it’s supposed to be, and Pierce answered back, “It’s a mystery”. Well, today it’s known that this mystery oil is comprised of 75% mineral oil, […]

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ROBOT MONSTER that absolutely awful 1953 science fiction movie which had been envisioned to make some bold antinuclear war message, but instead turned into a laughfest by audiences just turned 60. Released back in June 1953, and produced on a mere $16,000 budget, the film earned such a reputation for being so terrible it actually […]

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Miley Cyrus Has Short Shorts Vagina Slip!

20 year old actress Miley Cyrus had the mother of all wardrobe malfunctions when she was wearing her short shorts in London and leaving a nightclub and her tiny shorts shifted enough to let her very private lady parts slip out. Miley was leaving the club early Sunday morning, partying with a few friends when […]

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Actress Eileen Brennan Dead At 80

Actress Eileen Brennan is best known for her role as the tough army officer Captain Doreen Lewis in the 1980 comedy hit, PRIVATE BENJAMIN, in which a young Jewish woman(Goldie Hawn) joins the army after her new husband dies on their wedding night during sex. And Brennan later reprised that role for the TV version […]

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UK Creating Phony Pornography Crisis

Like most Western governments, citizens are angry at failed attempts by the government to improve the economy, so to divert attention away from the politically damaging effects of inaction on the economy, Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron in the UK has recently announced far reaching efforts to censor the Internet in the UK of adult […]

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Police In Louisiana Setting Up AntiGay Sting Operations

Despite the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court struck down sodomy laws as unconstitutional a decade ago in a historic ruling regarding privacy, police in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, have been setting up sting operations, posing as lonely Gay men looking to meet other Gay men, and then making arrests. This practice is in direct […]

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Topless Protesters Have A Housefire

Femen, that formerly Ukraine and Russia based feminist topless protester organization has recently set up their headquarters in Paris. And after events such as staging topless protests in conservative Muslim areas of Paris, encouraging Muslim women to undress and wear less clothes, there has been an increasingly angry backlash against the topless protester group, where […]

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Your Junk Mail Is Worth $$$$ To This Guy!

Believe it or not, that junk mail you’ve been throwing out is actually worth cash! That’s right, debt author Steve Rhode who publishes the GET OUT OF DEBT GUY Website on the Internet will buy your junk mail for cash prices. He’ll pay you $10 for debt relief junk mail, $2 for credit card offers, […]

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HOUSE OF WAX 60th Anniversary 3D Blu-ray Coming

The 60th anniversary  blu-ray of the 1953 3D horror classic film, HOUSE OF WAX,  staring Vincent price is set for a Oct 1, 2013 release date. Movie critics have long contended that this movie was far and away the very best of the early 3D films both for the quality of the film as well […]

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Musician Legend JJ Cale Dead at 74

JJ Cale was one of the great ones. An award winning songwriter and performer, he had so many admirers including Eic Clapton and others who loved to perform his songs.  Oklahoma born John Weldon Cale managed to successfully combine elements of Cajun music, Tulsa sound and other elements creating a laid back style that sometimes […]


Nazi Space Suits & Space Ships

As an effort to win the war, Nazi scientists once developed both space suits and gave some early planning efforts to developing rockets that could launch space shuttle-like space ships into orbit that could attack U.S. targets and then return back to Germany. There were also efforts to build a three man intercontinental bomber that […]

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The Nash NXI Prototype

In postwar America, the small Nash Motors company was beginning to notice that an emerging number of women were wanting to get drver’s licenses and buy their own automobiles. This influenced Nash to build the NXI prototype, a small automobile that would appeal to women that would be low priced, easy to drive and easy […]

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Miley Cyrus Does Nude Charity Photo

20 year old actress and singer Miley Cyrus is raising a few eyebrows with a new nude charity T-shirt pose where she is barely covering her lady parts in an effort to raise money for skin cancer. The new T-shirts sell for $35 each and will help to fund skin cancer research, and are sure […]

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The Worst Comic Book Cover Ever?

Holy Christ? What’s wrong with people anyway? This has to be the very worst possible comic book cover in the recorded history of mankind. This cover is just plain disturbing here. I haven’t seen a worst comic cover ever! – Funny as Hell! I just loved this show as kid. But who approved this comic cover?

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The Bizarre Business World Of Dr. Lomp

Maximilian Lomp is one of the world’s most outrageous adult fetish filmmakers.  This filmmaker from Hungary was associated with a small group of filmmakers from Hungary who found themselves arrested in 2010 after a woman reported these filmmakers to the police after she was unhappy at a film shoot involving intense and real acts of […]

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