Iraq Suspends Al Jerzeera’s Network Broadcasting License

The government media watchdogs in Iraq have decided to suspend the broadcasting licenses of the very popular Arabic broadcasting network, Al Jerzeera, because of too much controversial broadcasting that the government claimed to be inciting a new round of violence in the country that recently led to 170 recent deaths because of bombings or sectarian violence.

The Iraq government’s commission that regulates the media in the country was also unhappy at Al Jerzeera’s reporting on a Sunni protest that led to a government raid top break up the protest. Since the beginning of the year, at least 1.365 persons have been killed, and many more injured or wounded as sectarian protests and violence has once again worsened between the Shiite controlled government and the Sunni population, where Iraq is now becoming unstable and unsafe once again after a lot of progress helped to create some healing between the rival religious groups.

But, the level of government sponsored media censorship in Iraq should frighten civil libertarians, where The Voice Of America and the BBC have also been shut down in the country since June. Although this government in Iraq can credit the United States for creating a political climate that has brought them to power, this government appears to be increasingly anti-American as well as anti-British, as well as anti-Western in it’s views.

Al Jerzeera is based in Qatar, a Sunni-ruled country. Iraq’s government won’t completely stop all broadcasts by networks that the government objects to, as stopping foreign based broadcasts into the country is difficult if individuals have the proper satellite equipment to receive foreign-based TV. But, the bans will stop certain networks from covering news in Iraq or sending reporters to cover news.

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