Wizbang Pop Warned About Terrorist Magazine Threat Hours Before Boston Attack

Wizbang Pop here had warned in a feature story about an al Qaeda magazine published in Yemen that instructed al Qaeda supporters how to build a pressure cooker bomb only hours before the deadly terror incidents at the Boston Marathon. The Wizbang Pop story not only warned how al Qaeda terrorists used the magazine to instruct how to build deadly bombs, but also warned that illustrations in the magazine proved that al Qaeda terrorists wanted to strike U.S. targets, yet security for the Boston Marathon was not improved despite these obvious threats which should have been known to Homeland Security officials for months now.

It appeared that both Boston bombs were made from pressure cookers and seemed to be identical in design to the same one’s featured in INSPIRE, the al Qaeda owned magazine, published in both English as well as Arabic. With the magazine clearly proving in both illustrations as well as features that al Qaeda wanted to hit the U.S. in a new wave of terrorism, you have to wonder why security was not improved for Boston Marathon event.

Homeland Security officials are supposed to look out for terrorist chatter or other signs or messages that they intend to target the U.S. Story features in INSPIRE Magazine clearly proved that terrorist supporters of al Qaeda clearly proved that they were wanted a new round of attacks in the U.S. And Wizbang Pop warned about this al Qaeda owned magazine’s threats, that were apparently ignored by both Homeland Security officials as well as Boston Marathon security officials, resulting in needless loss of life.

It is not clear whether the terror attacks in Boston are related to the features in INSPIRE Magazine, or al Qaeda supporters or domestic terrorists. But, if Homeland Security and Boston Marathon officials knew of security threats presented by features in INSPIRE Magazine, you can’t help but wonder why more precautions weren’t taken to protect the public.

Wizbang Pop appeared to be hours ahead of this story. Wizbang Pop reported that al Qaeda published a terrorist magazine that instructed terrorists how to build bombs and also wanted to hit targets in the U.S. This story was largely ignored. Now terrorists struck again.

Wizbang Pop was inspired to write this story about INSPIRE Magazine after a major United States magazine subcription website that publishes magazine industry news first reported on the appearance of INSPIRE Magazine on the market. U.S. officials no doubt knew about the magazine for months, yet failed to take action to improve security at major events in the wake of what could have become a new round of terrorism in the United States. Why these threats posed by INSPIRE Magazine were ignored is a good question at this point.

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