MGM Resort Hotels Using CNG Limousine Fleet

MGM Resort Hotels have been quietly building a fleet of compressed natural gas powered Lincoln limousines. First, brand new Lincolns are cut in half and stretched with custom bodywork at one custom shop. Then they are sent out to another shop for additional work to switch over to become CNG-powered vehicles. At first, MGM had ordered 19 new Lincolns to test the new fleet, but the overwhelming success of the program has resulted in the orders of 16 additional Lincolns.

The CNG powered Lincolns are more economical to fill with fuel as well burn cleaner. CNG is as fast to refuel as any normal gasoline-powered cars, but offers the additional benefits of lower operational costs as well as being more environmentally friendly.

MGM Resorts Hotels aren’t wearing this environmentally friendly program on their sleeves or using as advertising hype It is a quiet program that the company has been undertaking with great results for the company and the environment both.

Mirage Resorts was one of the first major hotel brands to experiment with CNG-powered limousines, but MGM Resorts has really adopted the program to a major extent that makes these big sutomobiles more economical as well as environmentally friendly.

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