It’s Wet & Wild Czech Easter Monday!

Easter Monday in the Czech Republic is wet and wild! Officially it’s called Pomlazka, and that seems to mean young men going door to door, sometimes in traditional Czech costumes, and bringing young women outside for dousing with water and a spanking with the Pomlazka switch. It’s an outrageous traditional festival that’s very old in nature, with roots in old pagan fertility rituals.

While you’d think that not every young woman appreciates being doused in water and given a spanking, most young women in the Czech Republic feel hurt and disappointed if groups of young men don’t find them attractive enough to be asked outside for a dousing and a spanking. If it leaves a little mark, most young women in the Czech Republic don’t really mind. Some popular Czech Easter Monday cards feature models bearing a few marks from the Pomlazka.

In addition to this odd ritual there’s plenty of good food and drink as well as colorful Easter eggs on this Czech Easter Monday ritual of Pomlazka.

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  • fustian24

    The second amendment makes that a much riskier proposition here.

    There are always a few very surprised Polish lads with buckshot in their ass scattered throughout flyover country during this time of year.