The Capitol Steps Still Performing Since 1981

The Capitol Steps formed in 1981 from a few congressional staffers from mostly Republican offices, but have managed to prove that laughter is bipartisan with numerous live performances over the years as well as 30 albums of their unique form of song parody and political satire. Their latest album, TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN FOR PRESIDENT features many great parodies of popular songs with plenty of political satire as well. Combining funny political skits with their parody songs, these staffers probably have better proven why congress doesn’t get anything done for the last 30 years. But, they’ve give us all a laugh for many years.

Some of their album titles like LIBERAL SHOP OF HORRORS or other titles are masterful parody and satire.

All I can say is thank God that the duties at congress aren’t all that demanding or time consuming, and these congressional staffers have had plenty of time on their hands since 1981 to create this great comedy group.

Albums of the group are available for download or purchase. Check out The Capitol Steps website for more details.

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