Miss Delaware Teen USA Now Faces Theft Hearing

A judge withdrew an arrest warrant for former Miss Delaware Teen USA, Melissa King, after her lawyer promised that his client will appear at an April 22 court date over a charges of theft stemming from stealing money from a municipal bus cash box. The disgraced former beauty contestant also is facing a charge of being an underage person in possession of alcohol as well.

Only days ago, King claimed that it wasn’t her in a porn video production that she was paid $1500 to perform sex in. But, then the company produced a video affidavit with the 18 year old beauty contestant, proving that she lied about not being in the video. King had resigned from the beauty contest just before this latest video surfaced.

Although a beautiful 18 year old, Melissa King proved to be such a poor adult actress that she was flatly turned down when she offered to do another porn video for the company. Not too many people have the distinction of being fired from a porn job. That’s an especially low honor only bestowed on some. Not too many people laugh their way through a porn video, like King did at moments.

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