Jesuit Archbishop From Argentina Elected Pope

For the first time in the 2,000 year history of the Catholic Church, a new pope has been selected from the New World. It also marks the first time that a leader from the Jesuit order has been selected as pope. Archbishop Jorge Maria Bergoglio is also known for his wealth of concerns for the poor, and who doesn’t drive, but walks to where he needs to travel, much like Jesus did, or uses just public transportation. He has also been critical of some of the excesses and abuses of capitalism that he blames for not always helping to elevate the poor. His election must be a sign of bridging the liberal and conservative divide in the church, as well a sign of the church seeking a leader to repair the reputation of the damaged organization.

Poor around the world will be well pleased as this new choice for pope, who by all appearances is an excellent choice. It appears that Bergoglio was a very popular choice to quickly win this election, and will be a serious reformer to repair the church.

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio is choosing the new name, Francis I. Bergoglio, 76, comes from an Italian background, but was born in Argentina, and has gained huge local popularity for his calls for social justice for the poor.

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