Holy Christ! Tanning Mom Working On A Movie Script!

Unbelievable! Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil has decided that her life story is such an important and compelling epic that she’s working on a script for a movie staring herself playing the lead in her own life story production. Apparently, the 15 minutes of fame for this dried up old piece of shoe leather hasn’t been nearly enough, so she’s attempting to force her way back into the spotlight for a few more moments.

Apparently, after she was arrested after a school nurse reported that she was sending her six year old daughter with her to a tanning salon, Krentcil was stuck with thousands of dollars in legal bills to defend herself and made absurd pleas to PLAYBOY offering to pose nude or to others, who all turned a deaf ear. Now, Krentcil believes that her life story would be a decent movie money maker. But, I bet not…

It will be a cold day in hell before some producer like Steven Spielberg or others stand in line to offer this crazed personality from Nutley, New Jersey some leading role in a life story epic.

You just knew that something with the name “nut” in it would be involved here, right?

When Krentcil was younger she considered work as a model. But, now that train has long since left the station.

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