WWE Figure Paul Bearer Dies

Paul Bearer, the creepy pasty-faced professional wrestling figure long associated with the WWE has died at the age of 58 after suffering a blood clot. His real name was William “Bill” Moody, and he was part of the act for The Undertaker, helping to support this popular wrestler by putting on a spooky supporting role. Moody, when in costume would usually march out to the ring with a funeral urn, and sometimes even assault other wrestlers with this urn, or do other outrageous stunts during the performance theater known as professional wrestling.

Interestingly, the Paul Bearer character was actually strongly inspired by 1950’s horror TV hosts who would introduce movies and provide a little comedy. In the 1950’s one of these old hosts was named Dr. Paul Bearer for example and his shtick seemed similar enough to the WWE character that it may have been part of the inspiration.

But, the WWE character, Paul Bearer was a popular character, and William Moody’s character will be sorely missed. WWE fans will be sad at the lost of this outrageous character at an young age.

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