NBC’s Highest Rated Show Is #37 On Nielsen

CHICAGO FIRE at #37 is NBC’s highest rated show during last week’s accounting during the critical February Sweeps period. It’s a dismal showing for the network which now ranks at 3.8 million average viewers per show compared to 9.6 million for CBS or even 6.6 million for FOX, or only a little bit stronger than the weak 1.5 million average viewers for the CW. Even a controversial LAW & ORDER: SVU wasn’t able to manage any better than #45 tie with another program in the ratings. A Friday episode of DATELINE was able to get a tie at #40, which isn’t great, but for a Friday rating that’s relatively strong.

At some point there really needs to be some sort of a full panic mode over at NBC and the Network desperately needs for THE VOICE to return and get some programming with a little viewer traction. CBS is doing nearly everything right and NBC nearly everything wrong.

Without Football until next season, NBC is really looking at bleak times ahead unless someone can think of something to refuel their ratings but quick! Executives lose their jobs over problems like this.

It’s a little bit sad when a show like CHICAGO FIRE is the top rated show at this network. The show isn’t terrible by any means, but seems too long on personal drama and too short on actual action for some critics, like me, who certainly expected better than this where even CSI seems like a far better bet in this same time slot.

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