COMPANY OF HEROES Film Released Early

The direct to DVD film based on the very popular COMPANY OF HEROES game series had an unexpectedly early release this past Tuesday. It was expected that March 19 was going to be the formal release date for this surprising good WWII film that well celebrates the game of the same name. Although working within a reasonable budget and using some computer generated effects to save production cost money, this film with many Hollywood veteran actors such as Tom Sizemore, Neal McDonough, Chad Collins and Jurgen Prochnow(from DAS BOOT) is certainly an ambitious enough effort to produce a quality war film, yet to maintain tighter production costs.

While the film may not be exactly be SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, it is still a very good attempt to create a very good WWII film that rates as great entertainment and history both. The film may slightly remind of you of BAND OF BROTHERS in it’s style, and is certainly a worthy film for any fan of war films to add to their well stocked library of war films.

Let’s see more COMPANY OF HEROES films. This needs to be a franchise here.

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