Oscar Pistorius Granted Bail

After a painfully long-winded 1 hour and 45 minute long explanation of the history of the South African bail system along with explanations of the critical evidence in the murder case involving “Blade Runner” Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius, Chief Magistrate Desmond Nair finally made his decision to grant bail to Pistorius. The judge’s explanation was so painfully long, that even the judge needed to take a break while delivering his decision. You know that a decision is long-winded when you have a recess just like a theater intermission.

Pistorius will only have to post $11,300 upfront, but present proof that 1 million rand or about $113,000 are available.

One factor that helped Pistorius was some misconduct on the part of one of the police detectives involved in the case along with some botched police procedures.

Strangely, the evidence suggests that Pistorius wasn’t even wearing his prosthetic legs or blades, but was running around on his stumps when his model girlfriend was shot four times and clubbed in the head with a cricket bat. That’s a strange image to imagine. Further, at some point in clubbing her in the head or shooting her four times, you would think that Pistorius would have recognized her as not being being some suspected “intruder” as he claims. If anything, the prosecutor in this case will certainly pick apart this account by Pistorius as highly unlikely.

Not often is some tall beautiful model clubbed and shot to death by some amputee boyfriend running around on his stubs. If these weren’t celebrities we’re talking about here, then this story would just be weird news. You can almost just see some weird SOUTH PARK episode coming all the way up Broadway here.

In other news, Nike finally severed their promotional ties with Pistorius. Well, better late than never, huh?

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