Ethan Hawke Joins A Chorus Of Oscar Critics

Actor Ethan Hawke is joining a rising tide of celebrity critics of the Oscars, that also includes fellow actors Anthony Hopkins and Joaquin Phoenix. Hawke condemned the awards event for honoring “stupid movies” and only “mediocre performers”. The likelihood that some only moderately critically approved film like LES MISERABLES may win much of the top honors, while far better films were either unlikely to win or not even nominated has turned some in Hollywood into sharp critics of the event as a phony contest. Ethan Hawke has referred to the awards event as “fake carrots”.

Last year, actor Joaquin Phoenix was reported to have been quoted as saying that, “I think it’s bullshit” about the Oscars.

Ethan Hawke was nominated in 2002 for best supporting actor for his role in TRAINING DAY and received another nomination for best adapted screenplay in 2005 for SUNSET. But, yet the actor is no fan of the awards, which he feels is an unfair competition between actors.

This year, LES MISERABLES is seen as a front-runner for many top awards, although the film was more lightly attended than many better films. LES MISERABLES also had a much smaller production budget than some bigger and better films such as SKYFALL, the latest James Bond franchise entry. LES MISERABLES got a far smaller critical and audience approval on Rotten Tomatoes than dozens of better films, yet seems like a virtual shoo-in to capture many top awards for some reason.

When films like this with so-so critical approval are likely to capture the top honors at the award ceremony, critics are coming out of the woodwork to complain that the Oscars are little more than some sham awards event.

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