Did Your Daughter Get Enough Mardi Gras Beads?

There’s got to be many proud parents this year as pictures of young women getting topless or naked for Mardi Gras beads on Fat Tuesday and during the week-long celebration, start to circulate on the Internet. There’s really nothing like a little bit of drunken debauchery for a nice relaxing evening, is there?

What you would normally expect to be done in more private settings swinging around a poll in some nightclub is now openly practiced on the public streets during this bizarre celebration of drunkenness and nudity right before the start of Lent.

Maybe, the only real surprise for many daughters this year was running into their moms and grandmothers also out flashing their boobage on the public streets for a few beads. Going topless seemed to be an equal opportunity employer for girls over 18 of all ages this year, including some girls way over 18. One oldster looked like she was sporting some tribute to The Rolling Stones, and certainly looked old enough to be a girlfriend of the band as well!

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