The Outrageous World Of Adult Star Chastity Lynn

Chastity Lynn fell into the world of adult films in an unlikely way. She was a Seattle native who attended all-girl Catholic schools as a girl, but one day seemed to become discontented with her religious education, and asked her family to transfer her to public schools instead, as she always seemed to have some inner love for the wilder life that was at her core being. She loved to party, and a friend she met at a party, Ellie Idol, told her about her good life working as an adult actress at that party. 21 year old Chastity had a curious love for interesting life experiences, and starting in an adult career that allowed her to experience many sexual kinks and experiences that few women ever get to give a real go beyond mere fantasy.

Starting out doing all-girl and solo masturbation adult films with Ellie Idol as her co-star, Chastity Lynn began doing boy-girl as well as many kinky films as well. Despite being 21 or older at the time she began doing adult films, she was often cast as an older legal teen in adult films. And many of her films had some sort of punishment themes as well, maybe because of her Catholic upbringing and it’s many guilt trips. In one film, her and another girl face unusual and strange sexual punishments from a female teacher in after-school detention. Chastity Lynn always looks like she’s having a lot of fun doing real naughty stuff for the camera, and giving her fans a really naughty sexual experience as well,unlike so many other girls who just don’t bring as much to their performances. Fans sense all this extra effort on her part, and really like her. She’s just a fun girl who gives the job her all!

Chastity Lynn has been a durable personality in adult films, starting out in 2008 and still doing work today, when some actresses get tired of the industry after a film or two, or a year’s worth of work. Although not a huge superstar name like Jenna Jamesome, Chastity Lynn has compiled such a long biography of films and has so many fans, that the honey-blonde haired beauty is a huge star in her own right with many loyal fans.

On her Twitter account, Chastity Lynn notes that she’s “passionate about what I do”. And she was a fan of the short lived NBC show, DO NO HARM, as well as loves the album, PINK FRIDAY. She appears to be an avid lover of TV as well as music, considering all entertainers as equals. She’s an avid cat lover as well. You get the sense that she’s a very nice person who really loves her fans. And her fans love her in return as well. Her fans enjoy watching this sexy girl having a real ball!

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  • fustian24

    Paul, you perv you!

    This poor young girl gets enticed into being a porn actor, and all you can say is: “always looks like she’s having a lot of fun”.

    Sad, really.

    • You’re wrong here, Fustian. Check out her Twttter account. She loves her line of work and is very proud of her profession as a popular actress willing to experiment with plenty of wild things that most porn actresses wouldn’t want to try including bondage and other kinky practices in addition to the normal run of the mill, “Ye Olde In Ad Out”.

      She’s just a regular girl on one level, but loves the wild side on the other hand. On her Twitter account she wanted her fans to know how excited she is to camp out at Burning Man, but really wanted a good bang before she leaves.

      She loves entertainment of all types, and is very proud of her celebrity status.

      I guess some guys like you, Fustian, can’t possibly understand that some girls enjoy sex. And some girls enjoy sex a lot more yet. And some still more yet. Getting paid lots of money to do what you like isn’t a bad gig.

      • fustian24

        What I understand is that you seem to know an awful lot about the seedy side of the internet.

        While I defer to your obviously superior knowledge here, I can well imagine that convincing the johns that exploited women are “enjoying it” is a big part of the scam.

        I have no issue with the notion of women selling sex appeal. To some extent, they all do. I sell my brain power, which in some ways may be more invasive.


        I cannot imagine ever counseling a young woman of my acquaintance that pornography is a smart career move. I would guess that your life must be pretty messed up for this to be a rational choice. I would further guess that this choice doesn’t end well for the majority of them.

        But you go on believing what you have to.

        • I’m 57 and my cute blonde girlfriend is just 29, and she had a long career in the adult entertainment industry ever since she turned 18, even managing her own business. I know a lot of her friends, and I don’t know a single one who has any regrets about their line of work, and that includes at least one former major porn star who has worked for the same company in which Chastity Lynn has done a few films. This former porn star was also friends with Bree Olson, a former girlfriend of Charlie Sheen. A lot of mainstream society still won’t accept the notion that many women enjoy both the money and the kicks of working as adult entertainers.
          Certainly, if someone doesn’t feel right about their line of work, then they shouldn’t be doing it, like any other job. No one chooses to fry french fries at McDonalds for the mininum wage, but some choose that line of work regardless.
          What women do of their free will, working in legal businesses has nothing to do with some sort of illegal business, or oppression by some pimp, because of enslavement to drugs or other evils. All of that is certainly evil and wrong. But, mainstream legal adult entertainment has big trade shows in Vegas each year, and many women lke Chastity Lynn are the head of their own businesses, and make very good money.
          There’s a book by a fetish film adult actress available on Amazon, called DANCES WITH WEREWOLVES. According to her account of how she got started as a fetish porn actress, a male friend of hers had a few fetish adult films, including one British spanking porn film, and she loved one film so much that she claims to have watched this film maybe a thousand times, and really wanted to do spanking porn after viewing this film and started to contact film companies offering to do work. She got to fly the world over, traveling to Britain and Europe, although she was American. She isn’t a raving beauty, nor a particurlly great actress. But, it was her ultimate sexual fantasy, much like some sexual George Plimpton. She went to a career for several years doing spanking porn films because she loved this sexual fetish so much and used to blog about it as well to her fans. Kinky, yes. But, it was her free choice and she loved her work.
          Chastity Lynn is a similar type of actress, often doing the offbeat and fetish type stuff. That and her own Twitter account posts prove there’s a woman who enjoys living out some sexual fantasies and getting paid to do them. And there’s plenty of men and women willing to pay to watch her do her stuff.
          I cover all sorts of entertainment and entertainers here at Wizbang Pop. And Chastity Lynn is a unique story that was an interesting one when I became aware of her story only recently. Days ago, I didn’t even know who she was, so I did some research into her and thought that it was a fascinating story that you won’t read about over at ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT and other mainstream entertainment sites. Ron Jeremy’s health scare, which was widely reported in the mainstream press led me to link about this actress, although the two probably never worked together.
          Certainly you have to wonder why a pretty young woman goes into this line of work, stays in this line of work, and becomes her own businesswoman. Well, sometimes it’s a lot more than just needing rent money. Sometimes, it’s a passion of theirs.

          • fustian24

            My heavens!

            Quite the story.

            An acquaintance of mine is hanging around the edges of this world. He’s doing some things that I consider not smart to fit in. I worry.

            Listening to your story reminds me of when I first went to college. I was on my own for the first time and to me it seemed like a good idea to live off of pastry, potato chips, candy, and beer, and I did try that for a while, but it turns out in the end that it doesn’t really work very well.

            You can do it, but at a cost to your health and your well being.

            I’m no prude, and when I’m not being a smart-ass I try not to judge, but I cannot help but think this is the same kind of thing. It seems at the time like it might be a good idea, but in the end, there is a cost not apparent when you start.

            You know, there are people that smoke cigarettes well into their 90’s. But that does not mean that smoking is a good idea.

          • You could well be right, Fustian. Don’t know until the final dice roll comes around. But, I love young women, and I’m just so happy to have one half my age like this. I just adore her. Some friends of mine think I’m crazy running around with a young woman like this, while many others think she’s a great young woman for an old guy like me. We have had so many great times together, and we both love plenty of sexual experimentation. To me this is heaven right here.

            Surprisingly, I don’t smoke or drink, but I just love, music, motorcycles and young women. Give me those three things, and Paul’s a happy boy.

            If I die relatively young with a heart attack in bed, it will be with a smile on my face as wide as the Grand Canyon.

            One of my most fun experiences was being a lap dance dummy over at the strip club where my girl worked. She was giving the young dancers lap dance instructions. It was so cute seeing the young 18-20 year old lap dance trainees learning to do their very first grinds. I wanted to start my own strip club last year, but one location I wanted had too many issues with the building.

            I’m not so sure how I drifted miles away from my Catholic education when I was young. But, I’m like the bizarro world version of my young self these days. How a politically conservative young guy who worked for President Nixon in 1972, as well as being a former lobbyist, became this current biker guy who loves hanging with the young women strippers and porn stars is sure a mystery to me.

            Strangely, I’m actually a few years older than my girlfriend’s father. But, that seems about right to me.

  • MunDane68

    There will always be some that end up in ANY profession over their head, just in entertainment it plays out much more visibly. I knew two women, in their after entertainment years (one was a stage/commercials actress, the other was a off-Broadway dancer/stripper). The more traditional actress doesn’t seem to to have any more or less problems than the dancer. Both have had some rough patches in their life and are now just people in the neighborhood.

    The idea that women get taken advantage of in porn is one of those tired tropes that gets trotted out every time someone in politics gets a sudden rush of stupid to their “We Must Do Something!” gland. Some do, yes. But EVERYONE gets taken advantage of in the early years of a career, no matter the job. My first retail job I was closing on Friday and Saturday night. When I was the new guy in my Army unit, I was “Coffee Bitch”. When I was the new teacher, I got the class filled with ADHD kids after lunch.

    Just because you see her snootch, don’t assume she is being abused

  • mr.pete

    Chastity Lynn (real name Ashton Butler) was kicked out of Holy Names Academy (located in the Capitol Hill section of Seattle). She didn’t leave under her own fruition.

  • tom

    Chastity Lynn (real name Ashton Butler): University Of Washington-Seattle Campus
    Seattle, WA
    Graduated: N/A
    Major: Japanese
    2006 to Present
    West Seattle High School
    Seattle, WA
    Graduated: 2006
    Student status: Alumni
    2004 to 2006
    Holy Names Academy
    Seattle, WA
    Graduated: N/A
    Student status: Alumni
    2002 to 2004

  • tom

    The real reason that Chastity Lynn (real name: Ashton Butler) left Holy Names Academy is that she was caught having sex outdoors in West Seattle. In order avoid the attention at Holy Names her parents switched her over to West Seattle High School.

  • Hhbond

    I’m so glad to hear Ashton really does enjoy what she was doing, some of her material is somewhat dark. People today still seem to have a hard time thinking women would choose to enter pornography for enjoyment as well as profit especially the religious types. A lot of them are quick to say “whore” or “slut” when these women are just normal human beings taking advantage of an opportunity they can exploit and enjoy. I can’t find any fault in that and if they were men no one would even question. I thought it sad that on wiki leaks they chose to throw in some derogatory statement about Ashton’s vagina and how it stank, probably more to show their distaste than anything else. I’m just thinking ‘she’s just this beautiful woman and I, myself, would just enjoy talking to her. I’m really not concerned about the condition or smell of her vagina!’ Why these aholes choose to try to dehumanize people to make themselves feel better I’ll never understand.