China Rips Off The Mini

They always say that imitation may be the sincerest flattery of them all, but this is just ridiculous! A major Chinese producer of motorcycles, trucks and automobiles, Lifan is producing a car that looks remarkably similar to the popular Mini. The Lifan 320 is produced and sold in China and Russia, as well as sold in Peru as well. In Russia, the Mini rip off is marketed as the Lifan Smily.

The 1.3 liter 4cylinder cars do produce 87 horsepower, which doesn’t seem too bad. But, then again some products from Lifan aren’t always known for being world class quality. I own a Lifan powered motorcycle, and it’s a full time project just adjusting the foot shifter every few miles, it seems.

All you can figure is that they call the Mini rip off the Smily, because of the laughs you’ll get as drive this Mini rip off down the street.

Who could have ever guessed that some automobiles could become such a rich source of comedy material by looking like funny rip offs of far superior and better automobiles?

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