Is Jim Cramer About The Most Calm & Soothing Guy Ever!

Isn’t Jim Cramer about the most calm and soothing guy that you’ve ever seen. He has to do wonders for anyone suffering from a nervous disorder. You think? Actually, the high strung business reporter actually looks like he’s having an emotional meltdown on the air, every time his MAD MONEY business show airs. Surprisingly, there’s even a few small children who are unable to understand economics who like his show as well, because of all of his crazy antics and goofy sound effects. Some small kids even mistake this show as a show for kids.

Surprisingly, Jim Cramer 57, not only holds a business degree, but a law degree as well from Harvard Law School, and actually help to assist famous lawyer Alan Dershowitz in their legal efforts for Claus Von Bulow.

Cramer worked as a journalist, covering the Ted Bundy murders that ultimately send this serial killer to prison and execution in Florida, and even lived as a homeless person in car for nine months at one point in his life. The former homeless man is now said to worth up to $100 million dollars.

But, Jim Cramer does have more than his fair share of critics, including economists associated with the Obama Administration as well as Jon Stewart. His license to practice to practice law is officially listed as “suspended” for some reason. Jon Stewart has publicly accused Cramer of spreading some wrong or false information about some stocks which only served to drive the prices down, possibly benefiting those that sell stocks short. So, it is obvious that these two do not get along extremely well. Others from THE WALL STREET JOURNAL and BARRONS have further been critical of Cramer or his stock picks.

Jim Cramer remains a controversial business reporter, a strange entertainer, with a unique business program. But, also someone with an uneven track record of picking the right stocks or making the right economic predictions. But, you can never not accuse Jim Cramer of not being entertaining.

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