If you’re a fan of musical TV such as GLEE or SMASH, then you’ll love the hit movie musical PITCH PERFECT which is much like on the order of the other two shows. At the box office this $17 million dollar budgeted film brought in a staggering $105.2 million making it a bona fide hit. The critics gave the movie glowing praise as well, with a very strong 80% critical approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

If you’re a fan of the latest wave of musicals, then you’ll certainly find this an enjoyable film here, that has been the second largest grossing modern musical since THE SCHOOL OF ROCK, Jack Black’s surprise hit film.

With many flashy musical numbers, PITCH PERFECT seems to strike the right balance as an entertainment gem with plenty of hooks to entertain the viewer. On the big screen, the movie was nothing short of spectacular, and should be similarly very entertaining as well to most viewers.

The Bottom Line: A very entertaining musical that should have plenty of appeal to fans of TV musicals such as GLEE and SMASH. ***(Three Stars, Good. Buy this one on DVD or Bluray for the family, where the high school aged viewers should especially like this one).

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