Sacramento Kings Might Move To Seattle

A Twitter posting seems to suggest that because a deal was abandoned to build a new arena in Sacramento to replace the aging one, it led to the owners of the Sacramento Kings, the Maloof family, looking to either move the team or else sell the franchise. There was some work on a possible deal to move the franchise to Virginia, Beach, Virginia, but that deal also fell through. Now, this latest Twitter suggests that a deal is very close to sell the team to Seattle investors who still have the rights to use the Supersonics names, and the new team could once again be named the Supersonics.

While persons close to this deal have been tight lipped, one Twitter post seems to spill a few details here.

Another late report now claims that the Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer might be buying the team for $500 million from the Maloof family, which are casino owners. But, final details aren’t entirely public yet, here.

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