THE RAT PATROL Bikini Moment?

A strange and rare photo circa about 1967 has emerged from moments off-camera on the set of the 1960’s war drama, THE RAT PATROL, where a young woman in a two piece bikini managed to get a photo opt with Hans Gudegast, who played German officer Hauptmann(Captain) Hans Dietrich on the set of the show, which was mostly filmed in Spain. Hans Dietrich actually went on to a huge soap opera career after THE RAT PATROL was canceled by ABC in the late 1960’s antiwar sentiments that began to brew over Vietnam. Working under the stage name, Eric Braeden, Hans Gudegast has had a remarkable run as a popular actor for many years now, both nominated for and winning many awards.

They say war is hell. But, filming war shows isn’t so bad when bikini girls show up on the set and ask for their photos to be taken with the actors.

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