Josh Brolin Arrested For Suspected Public Intoxication

Josh Brolin might have celebrating a little bit too much success recently. Apparently, the actor attempted to ring in the New Year just before midnight on Jan 1, in Santa Monica, California with a little suspected public intoxication. But, the star of MEN IN BLACK 3 as well as GANGSTER SQUAD has plenty of reason to cheer. GANGSTER SQUAD looks like a surefire hit formula that also stars Sean Penn and will see wide release next weekend, where it should almost certainly be the top box office draw.

Maybe starting out the new year with an arrest isn’t everyone’s best idea of ringing in 2013. But, hey, the actor has good reason to celebrate, huh? He’s proven himself to be box office gold with two big back to back hits, right? And he’s every bit as handsome as his famous dad, right? Who wouldn’t be grateful for all of that?

But, from the looks of his booking photo, the actor’s arrest seemed to wipe that big smile off his face. He looked more than a little annoyed in the photo.

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