Psy’s 15 Minutes Of Fame Are About Over?

The South Korean Internet and pop sensation, Psy, now claims that he will retire his “Gangnam Style” song and dance, claiming that it has become “too popular”. Ok, sure sounds like a one hit wonder to me.

Psy did have one last huge outing for his “Gangnam Style” song and dance on DICK CLARK’S ROCKIN’ NEW YEARS EVE TV show on network TV, with a huge Time Square crowd in attendance, where he trotted out MC Hammer, for a cameo appearance, apparently to give his “Gangnam Style” one last big sendoff.

Psy likely joins many other one hit wonder acts to make an appearance on national TV for New Years performances. Some years ago, a Southern rock group, The Georgia Satellites looked like a very promising new act, however their fame never matched their biggest hit of “Keep Your Hands To Yourself”, which became a popular cover song for a few country artists to perform as well. Like so many other performers on New Years music programs, The Georgia Satellites, failed to have any staying power as an established act. Now, Psy likely joins this junk heap of discarded acts, abandoned by music fans after just one hit song.

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