Hugh Hefner 86, Marries Crystal Harris, 26

Maybe the fact that 86 year old PLAYBOY founder, Hugh Hefner has an estimated net worth of $43 million, might possibly have something to do with the reason that former PLAYBOY Playmate, Crystal Harris, 26, finally decided to wed the elder publishing tycoon. Regardless, for Hefner, it’s his third marriage. In 2011, Harris became known as “the runaway bride” when she suddenly broke off their upcoming marriage and skipped out on the relationship. But, maybe a lot of sweet talk, and a few flowers and gifts finally broke through to her heart, as well as the possibility that she’s also likely an heir to a great deal of money. Funny how money can melt many a young girl’s heart when you’re within a hair’s breath of 90!

Looking much like the Cryptkeeper from TALES FROM THE CRYPT, Hefner wed his young bride on New Years Eve, in a nicely decorated room with a few close friends present.
The couple wed in Hefner’s Los Angeles mansion. His wife describes herself as a model, DJ and owner of the Femme Fatale Lingerie business in Los Angeles.

After their 2011 split, Hefner let the young woman keep a few gifts such as the $90,000 engagement ring, a Bentley, and other gifts that would make any young lady in their 20’s darn proud to own.

Harris went on Howard Stern’s radio program, and confessed that the two had virtually no intimate relations at all, strongly suggesting that their relationship seemed much more like some friendship or a “sugar daddy” relationship, where some young woman befriends an older man who desires female companionship, and then seeks money from him on a regular basis. Regardless, hopefully both are very happy right now. Hopefully, Mr. Hefner has found true love this time around. God knows that he put in enough of an effort to find true love of a woman in his lifetime.

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