Celebrity Whack Job: TERMINATOR 3 Actor Arrested For Lewd Act

Touching. Absolutely touching! Actor Nick Stahl, who starred in TERMINATOR 3 has been arrested by a Los Angeles policeman who on a charge of touching himself in a private video booth in a Los Angeles adult video store. Interestingly enough, this same arresting officer also arrested Fred Willard on a similar charge in a Los Angeles adult movie theater as well.

Gee what’s wrong with Hollywood anyway, where it doesn’t even pay it’s own stars enough money to afford to buy a $50 dvd player so that they can even masturbate at home to their favorite porn films? Something is sure wrong with Hollywood when the pay is so bad that some poor actor has to feed quarters into a video booth just so he can crank one out!

Oh, Hollywood may make films with suggestive titles such as THE DARK NIGHT RISES, but no, it’s not a masturbation friendly town at all! Actors are routinely arrested in porn businesses, whereas in other cities like Portland, OR, everyday porn movie patrons are allowed by law to “pull a train” right in the aisles of the theater, which becomes part of the show, if anyone cares to pay admission to the theater to watch such public sex acts. Don’t know if it’s better to be the “engine” or the “caboose” when it comes to sex trains. But, I suppose that’s a matter of personal taste. The only trains I know about were built by Lionel.

C’mon Hollywood? At least offer your actors a few fringe benefits such as a cheap dvd player, a porno or two, some lotion and a box of Kleenex. Your actors are being thrown into masturbation prisons at an alarming rate! How can you shoot your next film when all of your actors are wearing zebra-stripe suits with leg irons and breaking rocks, singing some old traditional spiritual in some God-forsaken masturbation prison somewhere?

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  • Funny, from his IMDB page:

    “If I had some fake tanner, I’d like to play ‘Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara’ ! I
    think I kind of look like him except for my skin tone. But seriously,
    He’s one of my idols.”

    Che personally put bullets through the brains of homosexuals and other “sexual deviants” when he ran the La Cabana prison. If Nick lived in revolutionary Cuba he’d have been executed as an elite and a pervert.

    He’s married too. What a maroon.