David Gregory’s Use Of High Capacity Magazine Under Police Investigation

David Gregory of NBC’s MEET THE PRESS, the longest running TV show on the air is under investigation by the District Of Columbia Police for displaying an illegal high capacity assault weapon bullet magazine. The investigation appeared to be promoted by either the NRA or political foes of programs such as MEET THE PRESS that some condemn as part of the “liberal media”.

The District Of Columbia has law banning the possession of high capacity weapon magazines such as the 30 bullet magazine that David Gregory used for display purposes in his interview segment with NRA head, Wayne LaPierre.

Apparently NBC had asked the D.C. Police for permission to use the empty magazine on TV for illustration purposes, but was denied, but went ahead using the empty magazine anyway, according to some claims circulating on the Internet today.

Whether this leads to some legal action against David Gregory or NBC, remains to be seen. But, this is also a feeble way for some associated with the NRA or with anti-gun control to seek to stifle some debate over gun control that they viewed as not really going their way in the last few days. It clearly was for illustrative purposes for the purpose of public debate that David Gregory and MEET THE PRESS used the high capacity magazine. Wayne LaPierre was given a fair opportunity to defend whatever useful purpose that he thought that the high capacity magazine served during the interview, and freely went on the air of his own accord. He could have declined the interview if he didn’t wish to be on the air.

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  • The law in DC does not include an exception for “illustrative purposes.” Possession of a 30 round clip is illegal.

    Maybe next week you can give him a pass for waiving around some kiddie porn for “illustrative purposes.”

    Maybe he could shoot a few gun rights supporting guests – for illustartive purposes.

    • It was no doubt bad judgement on the part of NBC to not use a photo instead of an actual clip, if that was in fact what was actually displayed. On the other hand, an empty clip for illustrative purposes seems harmless enough. There are 3D printers that could quickly make a plastic model that looks much like a clip but is fully nonfunctional. That would be perfectly legal. No word from NBC why they used what appeared to look like an actual clip when they were denied permission by the D.C. Police Department. But, if they used some sort of replica model created by an artist or 3D printer, then both David Gregory and NBC are in the clear. NBC has access to plenty of props from their vast catalog of TV shows to come up with some replica that looks much like a 30 round clip, but may not be, so we haven’t heard the last word here. Every police show on network TV isn’t given the once over by police departments for using what are clearly prop weapons, rubber knives, fake blood blister packs, etc.

      • If Gregory used an actual 30 round clip he broke the DC law prohibiting posession of a 30 round clip. Loaed or unloaded, his intentions for its use are irrelevant.

        If he used a fake and held it up as a prop claiming it was real he’s not a criminal just a fraud.

        I don’t think Gregory or anyone should be prosecuted for having a 30 round clip because iti’s an utterly stupid law. But the hypocrissy of holding up a banned fire-arm component while agruing for more gun control is stunning.

      • As for your empty argument about scrutiny paid to cop shows on tv – I’d wager not many of them are filmed in DC and therefore subjuect to DC gun laws.

        • David Gregory didn’t address this issue today on MEET THE PRESS. One image of the object that he was holding looked like it might have been made from painted cardboard or something, and contained no springs or any internal parts of any type. Maybe if police actually get a warrant for whatever Gregory was holding, and NBC produces a piece of painted cardboard construction, then more than a few blogs that made a major cause out of this story will be left with egg on their faces here.

          I’m a little surprised that NBC hasn’t stepped up earlier to throw some cold water on this story, quite yet. The lunatic fringe blogs had a field day with this story so far, so NBC has everything to gain by discrediting them if the truth is that it was a painted cardboard prop or something.

          • I’m not surprised NBC has been silent. If the magazine was real, it was illegal and possessing it in DC is a criminal act. If it was fake it destroys what little credibility Gregory’s argument had.

            Either way, banning magazines based on capacity is just stupid and utterly ineffective (a point NBC demonstrated with their little show and tell). A gunman in a buildining full of legislatively disarmed targets will not be greatly hampered by having to stop and swap magazines a couple of extra times.