You can consider me a true fan of this outrageous series of films detailing the exploits of the demonic clown, Killjoy. I get a real kick out of the entire scary clown genre of films whether it’s Captain Spalding from the Rob Zombie films, expertly played by veteran actor Sig Haig, or Killjoy, from the low budget, but improving brand of Full Moon pictures, also expertly played by lower rung character actor, Trent Haaga. Trent Haaga is such a fine actor here under this creepy clown makeup, with both the perfect voice and mannerisms, that you can’t help but admire that this guy is a terrific actor. I can’t think of any actor that could play the character of Killjoy any better than this.

What’s supposed to make the Killjoy series such a joy is so many comic and larger than life moments, where these films are supposed to be great escapist comedy-horror fun. And, while this film has indeed funny moments, it just didn’t seem to have enough of the strong conventional script of the last film to be fully satisfying for me.

But, that being said, while this latest episode for Killjoy, the fourth in this series, starts out with high hopes, it soon falls into a long legal drama taking place in Hell, where Killjoy finds himself on trial for not being evil enough. You, soon tire of this and want more action to take place some place else as well. But, the film does pick up nicely from the last installment, and brings back familiar faces such as the brutish Punchy The Clown, who has a punch like a brick wall hitting you, and Freakshow and the sexy Batty Boop, who’s last film included many costumes with her bare breasts hanging out, but who is unfortunately a little more modest in this film. The prosecutor, Jezabeth, who is the DA(Devil’s Advocate), does provide a little sex appeal to this film here as well.

With far better production work than the last Killjoy series film which was filmed by the American producers in China in order to save money, this latest direct to dvd seems better produced, yet just seems to lack the story that I had hoped to see this film develop. Maybe, the fifth installment in this series will be more fulfilling than this outing turned out to be.

The last episode in this series I watched from a small apartment after my large home was being repaired from a housefire, and it provided me much needed relief from all my troubles. This year, I’m deep in the middle of a frustrating real estate mess, brought on by issues of a buyer seriously defaulting on a loan made to me by them in the sale of a business I own. I was really looking at this latest Killjoy episode to lift me up a little bit more than it did here. But, with a weaker script than I expected, this movie was a little more than disappointing to me, despite some fine acting from actor Trent Haaga or seeing the characters from the last film back in fine for like Punchy The Clown, Freakshow or Batty Boop. All I can say is better luck next time.

Visually, KILLJOY GOES TO HELL, looks impressive, but the execution of the final product is far less enchanting, and only wears thin quickly, leaving you unsatisfied, longing for more than just this.

The Bottom Line: This is the 256th film for Full Moon, which marks quite an achievement producing that many low budget, but improving, films. But, I expected more than this here. I still love this series. Killjoy films are great fun. But, I wanted more than just this. **(Two Stars, Fair. Let’s hope for something better next time around. The premise is fine. Killjoy is a great character. But, we need a better script to maintain audience interest for future installments. You can probably expect to see nearly as many Killjoy films in this catalog as James Bond installments some day, although many will debate whether this series deserves this many sequels).

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