THE BIG BANG THEORY’S Absurdly Sexy Episode

Bravo to THE BIG BANG THEORY for their absolutely hilarious and absurdly sexy episode last night in “The Fish Guts Displacement Episode”. While the story set up one storyline involving fishing, it was the comic sensual interactions between the Amy and Sheldon characters that really stole this show, and left the viewing audience aching sore with laughter.

The wholly naive, emotionless, and absolutely clueless nature of the Mr. Spock-like Sheldon character soon found his attempts to care for Amy, home sick with the flu, manipulated into sensual acts, by the lovesick, but clearly nerdy young woman.

At one point, Sheldon offers to rub vapor rub onto Amy’s chest to help her illness, but she openly hopes for it to become a sensual act between the two, resulting in sexual arousal. And likewise, an offer of a bath, becomes another opportunity for sensual fun for the lovesick Amy.

But, it was Sheldon’s offer to spank Amy as a punishment that set the episode up for one of it’s most absurdly funny and sexually charged moments ever in this entire series. Sheldon naively fell into this trap of giving Amy a sexually arousing spanking, which closed this episode with a memorable moment of groundbreaking outrageous comedy.

Amy clearly was looking for a sexually arousing experience here, and her absurdly funny reactions here were great comedy. Erotic spankings are a funny sort of sexual bedroom fantasy among consenting adults, a form of juvenile high school type sex fantasy that is meant to send more blood down to the genitals to aid in more sexual arousal. And, to see the Amy character clearly “getting off” on this kinky sexual role playing game was pretty funny here.

But, this now leaves the writers of the show looking to further advance the script with Amy’s one sided relationship with Sheldon in future episodes. You just know that the emotionless Sheldon is incapable of a real relationship with Amy, but that sure doesn’t mean a lot of comedy while Amy tries hard to create one. The writers of this show have now set up a very challenging task for themselves here.

But, last night’s episode is getting rave reviews on the Web today. Hailed as very funny by both critics as well as the viewing public. Great comedy here.

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  • Sandra polskiy

    This was the closest I’ve ever seen Amy and Sheldon. I’m
    thinking this may be a stepping stone in Sheldon learning to become a caring and attentive boyfriend for Amy. You just never know with the Big Bang Theory so I’ve always got my DISH Hopper recording the new episodes each week. With four times more recording space than your average DVR I know I don’t have to rush to delete anything I’ve already recorded. It really is crazy how long Amy has been trying to get Sheldon’s attention like this and it’s the only way she’s
    managed to truly get some attention. My DISH co-worker says that being in a relationship with Sheldon would be hard and that’s true. Amy is just nerdy enough that she respects his intellect and takes what she can get.

    • Hello Sandra. I’m not sure where this relationship really goes between the two. Sheldon seems largely emotionless, much like a Mr. Spock. But, Amy longs for a boyfriend. Makes for interesting conflict here.—-The DISH and other recorders aren’t bad. But, I like a hard copy to go back and check facts and details before I write here, so I use a number of DVD recorders to record all the major shows and go back to write a piece here. This especially good when some star makes big news on some show like David Letterman or such, because I usually hop from Conan at 11pm to Jay Leno at 11:35 to catch the monologues because it tells what America’s thinking.