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Are The Royals Wearing Boy George’s Old Hats?

Some of the hats that are being worn by the Royals from England are strongly suggestive of some of the old styles once worn by Boy George from the old 1980’s act, Culture Club or even The Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland. Here’s Sophie, the Countess Of Wessex and the Queen. What do you […]

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That’s Some Spicy Soup!

A 26 year old man in China is now recovering from a restaurant bowl of soup made from such hot spices that it actually burned a hole through his stomach and he began throwing up blood soon after consuming it. That’ one hot bowl of soup! The soup, called Mala, is made largely from Chinese […]

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Classic TV: The Sad End To The BATMAN TV Series

BATMAN, ABC TV’s campy and outrageous action-comedy series based off the popular DC Comics ran for most of three seasons from Jan 12, 1966 before facing a sad March 14, 1968 cancellation due to a miscommunication during negotiations. Rather than being as true to the spirit of the old DETECTIVE comic books from DC, this […]


L.A. Gun Buyback Brings In Rocket Launchers

The “no questions asked” gun buyback that concluded yesterday by the Los Angeles Police Department brought in two antitank rocket launchers among other military styled weapons. 2,037 weapons came in, including 75 assault weapons. In exchange for grocery store gift cards, guns of all types were brought in. There was 166 instances where the donor […]


Celebrity Whack Job: TERMINATOR 3 Actor Arrested For Lewd Act

Touching. Absolutely touching! Actor Nick Stahl, who starred in TERMINATOR 3 has been arrested by a Los Angeles policeman who on a charge of touching himself in a private video booth in a Los Angeles adult video store. Interestingly enough, this same arresting officer also arrested Fred Willard on a similar charge in a Los […]

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Jennifer Aniston Rocks Little Bikini In Mexico

Jennifer Aniston is apparently hoping to dispel any rumors that she is pregnant, let alone pregnant with twins by rocking a small bikini on her current trip to Cabo, Mexico. From the look of her tight body, it clearly doesn’t look like she’s anywhere near pregnant. The 43 year is engaged to Justin Theroux, and […]

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David Gregory’s Use Of High Capacity Magazine Under Police Investigation

David Gregory of NBC’s MEET THE PRESS, the longest running TV show on the air is under investigation by the District Of Columbia Police for displaying an illegal high capacity assault weapon bullet magazine. The investigation appeared to be promoted by either the NRA or political foes of programs such as MEET THE PRESS that […]


Jack Klugman’s Legacy To Stage And Screen Acting

When Jack Klugman passed away at the age of 90, he left a great legacy of a stage actor from the 1940’s who went to star on both TV as well as the movies. Klugman won his very first award, an Emmy, for his guest star role in “The Defenders”, a courtroom drama, where two […]

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Holy Crap! Mormon Bishop Sen. Mike Crapo Arrested For DUI

It’s not enough that Idaho Senator Mike Crapo was arrested on suspicion of DUI by Alexandria, Virginia police on Sunday. But, the Mormon senator has made public statements claiming that he abstains from alcohol use because of his faith, which forbids the use of alcohol as well as caffeine products such as colas or coffee. […]

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Character Actor Charles Durning Dead

89 year old character actor, Charles Durning has died. Sometimes referred to as “The King Of Character Actors”, Charles Durning survived wounds during WWII from a mine and other combat to win three Purple Hearts and to begin a long career in Hollywood films including roles in great films such as THE STING, DOG DAY […]

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Christmas Bad Girls Rogues Gallery 2012

Here it is, direct from Santa himself, 2012’s Christmas Bad Girls Rogues Gallery 2012. Every candidate here should have received a nice lump of coal or at least a big time old fashioned hickory spanking stick from old Santa himself. This year’s candidates include perennial nominee, Lindsay Lohan, who this year was joined with newcomer […]

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Here It Is!: Santa And His Sled 2012

Each and every year I offer up my much worst than badly photo-shopped “Santa And His Sled” to amaze and delight those of all ages. I can’t say whether this is my best or worst yet offering. But, it’s time to get the kids and the grandparents and sit around the warm fireplace with the […]

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Iron Butterfly Bass Player, Lee Dorman, Dead At 70

Lee Dorman, the bass player for the legendary hard rock psychedelic band, Iron Butterfly, has died at the age of 70. The musician was found dead in his automobile, however no fowl play was suspected in his death since Dorman was known to have suffered from heart problems by his family. Dorman joined up with […]

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Entertainment’s Best Sex & Nudity Moments 2012

Entertainment, whether it be movies or cable TV, had more than a few great moments of nudity and sex this past year. It’s great fun to look back at what we got to see this past year in movies and cable productions that sometimes broke a little new ground. CABIN IN THE WOODS may have […]

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MC ART : A Righteous Motorcycle Art Site If Ever There Was One!

If you dig classic motorcycle art and vintage photographs, then you’ll totally dig MC Art, a website entirely devoted to the art of the motorcycle and the biker lifestyle. MC Art even has some great original art design t-shirts and art prints for sale as well. You need to be all tooled up and buy […]

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