Russia’s 2wd Ural Motorcycles

Ural, that Russian import motorcycle that is well known for having a sidecar on most models is now offering a 2wd version that is being imported to the states. The sidecar wheel has a joint and a shaft that gives the motorcycle extra traction over rocks and other terrain that would limit most other motorcycles.

Ural motorcycles don’t come cheap. Ural of New England, a Massachusetts dealer with a Website offers this $17,289 model loaded with many options for a discounted price of $16,289 with a $1000 promotional discount. But, this 2012 Ural Patrol 2wd Custom P01 is a real unique motorcycle.

Besides the 2wd drive option, this model features a mounted gas can, a black powder coated horizontally opposed cylinder 750cc engine, a luggage rack over the spare tire, and many other cool looking and useful features. And besides, any motorcycle from Russia has to be a real conversation piece as well. These bikes are made for the rough Russian terrain in some parts of their country, and are both good looking as well as durable designs.

If you’d like to own a unique ride, and like to engage in a little conversation with admirers, then this unique motorcycle would be exactly your cup of tea.

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