Man Stranded On Mt. Hood Uses Facebook

Authorities in Oregon claimed that dead batteries in a man’s cell phone because of Facebook postings while climbing Mt. Hood, contributed to the climber being stuck on the mountain during whiteout conditions. The miserable weather also made it more difficult for rescuers to locate the man’s GPS tracking device as well.

But, it was also his Facebook post before his batteries went dead that also helped to rescue climber Jeffrey Kish from Oregon’s mountain as well. When one of his friends saw his rescue plea, that he was lost in the serious whiteout conditions, they contacted authorities to start the rescue. Jeffrey Kish was finally located and rescued and brought down from the mountain.

It was a strange little story about how social media played a role in what could have been a serious situation on the mountain. Several years ago, some students and a teacher from a religious school while on a school trip were killed while being lost in bad conditions on the mountain.

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