Romney Now Pumping His Own Gas

Just days after losing a relatively close election for president, failed candidate Mitt Romney has been spotted at an undisclosed gas station pumping his own gas. He was also spotted at Disneyland as well, perhaps as an attempt to cheer up from the disappointment of coming close, but falling short of his goal to become president.

Often, the disappointment of losing the presidential election is hard on many losing candidates, where some have had difficult marriages that later end in divorce, or sometimes alcohol abuse becomes an issue. Likely, Romney will not have problems with those two things. but that doesn’t mean a long period of anger and sadness won’t follow.

The failed candidate got some flack from other major Republicans for a statement he made after the election claiming that the incumbent president won because of “gifts” to minorities and other voter groups. However, analysis proved this wrong, as the president managed to draw on the same coalition of voters who elected him in 2008, but in slightly smaller numbers this year as the election was closer than 2008 and some voters split off to Romney this year. Further, some large donors who contributed to the Romney campaign were disappointed that they won’t be getting the big tax breaks that he was offering for business or higher income earners. Some large donors thought that Romney ran an amateurish campaign that wasn’t well managed compared to the far better organized Democratic efforts, which was very effective at turning out voters.

Regardless of all of this, it’s a very humbling image to see Mitt Romney at a gas station pumping his own gas. That’s a far cry from holding the highest office in the world.

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